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Photo by Tali (formerly Picture Me in NYC) works with clients to get the photos they expect while also capturing the unexpected. We are unobtrusive and subtle snapping candid photographs that will bring back memories and prepared to frame a scene you don’t want to forget.

Most Popular Pug in Soho
After filling out a short and easy form over email, we will have a phone consultation and you’ll tell me where to meet you and your expectations. Do you want mostly candids? Do you want me to frame scenes for you? Do you want straightforward portraits or artistic images? Or a mix? Anything’s possible!  Clients get at least 50 images per hour to choose from via a private online gallery and can download their favorites, along with sharing images digitally via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Photo by Tali charges an hourly service fee–you get the digital images you select for free!  Packages are also available for digital prints along with collages and albums that can be mailed to you.  Clients include individuals, groups, corporate clients as well as events.
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If you’re interested in getting more information about Photo by Tali, please contact me below and I’ll get back to you very soon.